The divorce timeline in Kentucky can vary depending on the circumstances. Kentucky imposes a minimum waiting period of 60 days before a divorce can be finalized. You and your spouse must have been separated for at least 60 days, which means that you do not have sexual relations although you may occupy the same home.

If one or both of you are contesting any aspects of the divorce, such as spousal maintenance or child custody, the process will take longer, as these issues will have to be litigated and decided by a judge. There may also be a delay if the wife is pregnant. The law states that if the wife is pregnant at the time the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is filed, the court may continue the case until the pregnancy ends. Additionally, if one spouse does not want the divorce and denies that the marriage is irretrievably broken, the court must make a finding on the matter. If there is any doubt, they may continue the case for 30 to 60 days and request that you participate in conciliation to see if the marriage can be salvaged